This Cookie Policy explains the different types of cookies and other technologies that we use in our and , why we use them, and how you can control them.

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For certain purposes for which we use cookies, you may withdraw your consent at any time by managing your choices in Your Privacy Controls.

What technologies do we use?

We use cookies, Software Developments Kits (‘SDK’s), advertising identifiers, web storage, pixels and tags in our Products and Services, either through website or app formats. We collectively refer to these as ‘cookies and other technologies’. Check out this section to learn what cookies and other technologies SurgeZirc Media uses, and how they work.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your browser when you visit a website or a mobile app. The website sets the name of the cookie, what information is stored in the cookie and how long the cookie is kept by your browser.

How do cookies work?

Typically, when you visit a website, the website creates a unique identifier and stores it in a cookie on your browser.

Once a website sets a cookie on your browser, your browser will automatically transmit the name and information contained in the cookie to that website, every time you visit it for as long as the cookie exists.

There are two types of cookies that can be set in your browser:

Session cookies: these cookies are stored when you visit the website or app and will expire once you close the website or app.

Persistent cookies: these cookies are stored when you visit the website or app but do not expire once you close the website or app. Instead, these cookies expire after a period of time determined by the website or app. In this way, the website or app may recognize you when you visit the website again in the future.


SDKs are software libraries that developers incorporate into their apps to provide app features for users and other services to the app developer. SDKs are typically used in mobile and connected TV devices.

How do SDKs work?

When you download an app onto your device, any SDK included in that app by the app developer will be installed onto your device as well.

Once installed, the SDK provides app features such as advertising, and analytics services to app developers, like information about your app usage and device characteristics.

Advertising identifiers

Advertising identifiers are unique identifiers that some companies use to identify your device. These are typically used within operating systems on mobile devices and connected TVs.

How do advertising identifiers work?

Operating systems create a unique advertising identifier on your mobile device or on your connected TV. When you use an app on your mobile device or your connected TV, the app will recognize your unique advertising identifier and use it for different purposes. These purposes include to provide you with personalized ads and to understand the performance of the ads that the app shows you.

Web Storage

Web storage is a technology that enables website and app developers to store information in your browser. Web storage is used similarly to cookies.

How does web storage work?

There are two types of web storage:

Session storage: the website will store the information while you are using the browser, and the information will expire once you close the browser.
Local storage: the website will store the information and it will not be deleted once you close your browser. Instead, local storage expires as determined by the website. In this way, the website is able to recognize you when you reopen it during another browsing session.

Though controls vary by browser type, web storage is generally subject to your browser privacy settings.

Pixels and Tags

Pixels and tags are invisible images or scripts that are included on the websites and apps that you use.

How do pixels and tags work?

When you interact with features on a website or app, pixels and tags make calls to web servers that transfer information about your browser, unique identifiers, and information regarding your interactions with the website or app.

Pixels and tags are often used in combination with cookies and other technologies.

Why does SurgeZirc Media use cookies and other technologies?

SurgeZirc Media uses cookies and other technologies to uniquely identify the browsers and devices that interact with our Products and Services. Once we are able to uniquely identify the browsers or devices, we collect information from them and use that information for a range of purposes. Check out this section to learn more about these purposes.

Authentication, security and fraud, and abuse prevention
  • to authenticate our users
  • to ensure the security of our users’ accounts
  • to prevent malicious activity and protect our Products and Services from abuse
Product features and preferences
  • to remember you when you log into our Products
  • to honor your settings and preferences across visits
Content and advertising personalisation
  • to build an interest profile by linking information about your device and online activity with the unique identifier associated with your device
  • to retrieve the information associated with your unique identifier
  • to select personalized content and advertising that we think match your interests according to your interest profile
  • to show you the relevant personalized content and advertising on our Products and Services
  • to measure your engagement with the content and advertising that we show to you
  • to perform analytics on our and to understand how our users interact with them
  • to create aggregate reports and provide data analysis tools for external parties, including publishers, advertisers, and the public, about industry trends, audience insights, ad performance and effectiveness

Some of our cookies are “multi-purpose cookies”. A multi-purpose cookie is a cookie that is used for multiple purposes. While you can withhold consent or opt-out of some of the purposes for which we use multi-purpose cookies, others are strictly necessary to deliver our Products and Services (like security and anti-fraud). In these cases, we will not use those cookies for the purposes where you have withheld your consent or opted out. However, we will still set the multi-purpose cookies and will not offer you controls over the purposes that are strictly necessary.

Do third parties use cookies and other technologies on our Products?

Yes. Our partners, such as our and content providers, use their own cookies and other technologies in connection with our . This means that when you use our Products, third parties will also collect information from you.

How do third parties use cookies and other technologies in our Products?

Third parties use cookies and other technologies when you visit our .

When you visit our Products, third parties use cookies and other technologies to collect associated information from your browser and/or devices  for different purposes, including:

  • to show you personalized content and ads
  • to understand how you interact with the content and ads that they show you