Freelancing with SurgeZirc Media

As the growing need to produce more factual and useful content continues to beam on our faces, the need to engage more qualified and meticulous content creators who will step into the gap intensifies.

SurgeZirc Media currently works with some skilled creative freelancers who hardly look back until their deadlines are met not minding what may come up along the line.

Who can be a freelancer with SurgeZirc Media?

It does not matter whether a person who is applying to pick up a freelancing appointment with SurgeZirc Media has formal experience in doing the job or not. What matters is the applicant’s ability to carry out the task and most importantly meeting stipulated ”deadlines” given to submit a task.

We also do not delve into whether a person looking to take up a freelancing job with us is freelancing with another company or not, we only make a very clear ”Contract Agreement” and stay at peace once the terms of the agreement are not violated.

SurgeZirc Media gives first consideration to potential freelancers who have an encouraging social media presence. Accordingly, being active and having an impressive number of followers on social media will help us market the content we’re producing.

Note: freelancing for SurgeZirc Media is largely open to residents all over the world, applicants can chose which edition they would like to work with while keeping an eye out for their country of residence SurgeZirc SA, SurgeZirc NG or SurgeZirc UK, SurgeZirc US, SurgeZirc India, or SurgeZirc France

How much money does SurgeZirc Media pay to freelancers?

We’ve not thought it’s necessary to discuss how much money we pay to a freelancer, hence the task given to a person determines what’s to be paid out. But prior to commencement of the job, we discuss ”Pay” and finish up a signing process that’ll lock both SurgeZirc Media and the freelancer in an agreement.

But we can boldly say that our freelancers have always smiled home after visiting the bank on a payday.

You can start making good money from the comfort of your home immediately after you complete the simple recruitment process.

Kindly note that the Freelancing job does not take the place of other career opportunities at SurgeZirc Media offices across the globe.

How do I apply?

To apply to become a freelancer with SurgeZirc Media, kindly forward an application to us after which you’ll receive an Agreement Form to complete and resubmit to the same email address, which precedes a Congratulation Letter before the job starts.

Important point.

Kindly note that merely submitting an application letter to SurgeZirc Media for any reason whatsoever does not mean immediate acceptance, as SurgeZirc Media reserve the right to either accept or turn down any application that does not reach the required standard.

 ”This page and its content may be updated at any given time and its conditions changed to match our global standard.”