It Is Our Resolve To Hire Indian Creative Writers To Join Our Global Team - SurgeZirc Media

As a multinational blogging company, we have resolved to assemble a formidable team of expert workers from all nationalities, primarily in countries where SurgeZirc has a presence. For these reasons, we have decided to expand our current recruitment process to India.

With this move, we hope to offer a portion of our current job opportunities, primarily in writing, to Indians who prove themselves capable of joining the SurgeZirc global team.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to write for SurgeZirc Indian edition at

Job Offer for Indians

SurgeZirc Media is looking for experienced entertainment, politics, news and Indian lifestyle writers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to join our global team of intelligent employees. Writers will be expected to produce 6-7 articles per day.

There will be training to bring the successful candidate up to speed with the SurgeZirc writing style. Performance will be assessed on a monthly basis.

SurgeZirc and the applicant will negotiate the salary based on the candidate’s experience and overall impact. Interested candidates should send their resumes to [email protected]. Consider your application unsuccessful if you do not receive a response from us within 7 days.

Potential employees are expected to do the following:

  • Use sources, documents, computer-assisted reporting, and other journalistic tools to develop, report and write exclusive/unique stories.
  • Work with the Digital News Editor in the development of a story
  • Do fact-checking of all articles you write
  • Build a network of contacts to ensure you get the best scoops
  •  Be enthusiastic and energetic and want to take the brand to new heights

Candidate Requirements (Skills and Experience)

  • English writing proficiency is required.
  • Possess excellent communication skills.
  • Have several years of experience.
  • Possess a reliable laptop or computer.
  • Have access to a trustworthy internet network.
  • Have a journalism qualification.